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Tutti Filosophy


adjective, pronoun
all; every one (of a group) when taken together
  • This site is international and language free. Everyone is welcome!
  • Tutti must be fast, and compatible with older, low-end devices. We avoid fancy effects. Tutti is kept simple on purpose.
  • We do not tailor content for your personality. We believe this is wrong and also makes internet boring.
  • There is no third party analytics tools, no trackers, we avoid others from tracking you here too.
  • We do not claim ownership over your posts
  • We will not use yor face on any kind of ads
  • You can delete your account anytime, and we don't keep deleted data. A link to delete it will appear here once you have an account
  • We don't read your chat. The messaging app has build in end-to-end encryption so no one can read your talks.
  • Our business is not about selling people data. We do not track users activity, not in our site, nor elsewhere. We do not profile users personality. And will not try to figure out user's real identities and will never ask you for real documents, names and such.
  • There might be ads. Actually you can ad here too, and it's free. But there's a section here called market , go there if you want to buy or sell something
  • Tutti was design to be a joyful respectful place. So have fun and respect the others.
  • Free speech is highly enforced.

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