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Tutti Cookie Policy

  • By using this site you agree to our Cookie Policy
  • Be aware that this site stores cookies in your computer.
  • We use cookies for:
    • the authentication system use them to store session credentials.
    • the anti cross-site request forgery system use then on the forms.
    • the chat system stores a hash of decryption keys in local storage. We have no access to it.
  • We DO NOT use cookies for:
    • store any kind of unique ID in order to identify you later on.
    • track your use of the site.
    • after identifying your deepest interests and feelings, enhance your user experience by showing you meaningful personalized content.
  • Although cookies are much helpful in most web applications, they can also be used for nasty purposes. Here in Tutti we strongly support user privacy. If you care about your privacy, we advise you to configure your browser to clear all private data in every session.

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